Jul 31, 2014

Any Which Way You Can vs Following

A bare knuckled brawler (Clint Eastwood) fights in a championship of sorts.  It catches the kind of attention from Nazi gangs and the Jersey mob that you don't want.  Clyde the orangutan also stars in Any Which Way You Can.  It's opponet is about an author who follows a thief and winds up learning the ropes from him.  But he learns harsher lessons in the process.  Christopher Nolan's first movie:  Following.

Jul 24, 2014

Dr. Strange vs The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

This week we cover two movies which clearly don't use their comic book source material at all.  Dr. Strange is the story of a doctor at a psych ward who learns to become a sorcerer.  The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen is about several literary characters (Allan Quartermain, The Invisible Man, and Tom Sawyer) who team up to fight evil.  Only one awful, awful movie will mount Valhalla.

Jul 16, 2014

Predator 2 vs. Brain Dead

This Bill Paxton themed episode of the podcast stars Danny Glover as a police chief who is tracking down an alien in the jungle of Los Angelos in the future year of 1997.  He discovers the first cinematic tie-ins to AVP, as well as the fact that he's too old for this shit.  That's right...1990's Predator 2.  Also, Bill Pullman stars along side Bill Paxton in a trippy Roger Corman movie about two brain surgeons.  One is employed by a wealthy corporation, the other lives off of grants.  But what happens when they team up and one of them begins to lose his grip on reality?  Brain Dead is what happens.  No matter who wins, Bill Paxton loses...or wins...I guess.

Jul 3, 2014

Leaves of Grass vs. The Frighteners

Leaves of Grass features Edward Norton playing duel roles:  one is college professor estranged from his family.  The other is a pot dealer.  Things don't go well.  In the other corner is Peter Jackson's The Frighteners.  Michael J. Fox plays a psychic who must stop a serial killer from beyond the grave.  Only one movie will perch atop Valhalla.