Sep 25, 2014

Finding Forrester vs. Real Genius

We're pitting young geniuses against each other tonight.  Finding Forrester is the tale of a reclusive author who's brought out of his shell by an inner city youth who also has a gift with words.  Real Genius is the Val Kilmer vehicle about college kids who unknowingly make a weapon for the government...and undermine it with wackiness.

Sep 11, 2014

Batman Forever vs. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Val Kilmer gets a double header.  Batman Forever is the story of a...well come on.  You already know.  Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is the tale of a private detective joining up with another PI for adventures and stuff.  Just listen.  I'm tired of typing.

Sep 5, 2014

Enemy Mine vs. Attack the Block

It's an alien theme tonight.  Enemy Mine is the story of a human and a Drack who find friendship despite trying to murder each other multiple times.  Attack the Block is a story about humans who murder aliens and never find friendship with each other.  Shit's about to get real uncomfortable.