Apr 14, 2014

Hot Rod Vs. Southland Tales

Hot Rod is the tale of a wannabe stuntman (Andy Samberg) who tries to raise enough money through stunt work to pay for an operation for his stepfather (Ian McShane) so that he can kick his ass.  Southland Tales is the complicated movie starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Sarah Michelle Gellar that tells of the end of the world. There can be only one.

Apr 13, 2014

Captain America (1990) Vs. Skatetown, USA

Welcome to the podcast where we take apart two movies, debate them, and grade them to see which will be redeemed.  Today we dust off the underrated film from 1990: Captain America. It starred Matt Salinger as Steve Rogers, Scott Paulin as the Italian Red Skull, and Ned Beatty  It never saw the light of day in US theaters, and was a dusty VHS tape passed around at Comic Cons until recent history.  We also review the forgotten roller disco movie:  Skatetown, USA.  Patrick Swayze, in his first role, plays a street tough who "owns" the roller disco.  Scott Baio, Flip Wilson, and Dorothy Stratten also star in this movie which is a series of comedy vinettes, roller disco dance numbers, and band performances.  It has never been legally released on home video in any format.